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Please read the following very carefully and initial each item you are willing to do as a foster person/family for GRAPE dog.

 I will take the foster dog to the veterinarian when necessary. If there is a non-emergency problem that I think might need medical attention, I will immediately call the GRAPE's President and report it.

I will give any prescribed medications to the foster dog, following the dosage directions carefully and keeping a record to pass along to an adopting family.

I will keep the foster under my supervision at all times while it is in my care.

If any damage to my property occurs because of the foster dog, I will not hold GRAPE liable.

I will report any aggressive behavior of a foster dog toward humans or other animals immediately to GRAPE's President.

If a foster dog and my pets are exhibiting aggressive or violent behavior toward one another, and I am concerned that things are not working out well, I will report it immediately to GRAPE's President.

I will keep the foster dog on a leash at all times when it is outside unless I have a securely fenced yard. I will not leave the foster dog iin a fenced yard unattended.

I will attempt in every way to socialize the foster dog into my household and into my community during the time it is with me.

I will exercise the foster dog as much as possible, depending on the age and physical condition of the dog. If it is overweight, exercise will be particularly crucial. Exercise includes walking (particularly to test how the foster dog is on a leash) and playing (tennis ball toss, etc.)

I will work with the foster dog to get a feel for its grasp of basic obedience commands-sit, come, stay, lie down. If the dog needs some work, I will work with it for short periods every day, building its understanding.

I will not incur any expenses/debts on behalf of GRAPE without express permission from GRAPE's President. Failure to obtain permission may result in rejection of claim for reimbursement.

VERY IMPORTANT: I will relax and enjoy the foster experience and make the stay as much fun as possible for the foster dog and for everyone in the household.

I understand the information listed above and have completed the questions on this form. I would like to offer my home to foster a GRAPE dog.
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Thank you for your interest in Grape Retriever Adoption, Placement & Education and for your commitment to helping dogs in need. We will contact you shortly regarding fostering duty.

You may submit this application online, or if you want to mail your application, please send it to:

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