HAPPY ENDINGS! - Some of the More Recent Faces of Rescue

Chandler Elizabeth Katie
Lobo Lucy Max Penny Poochie Snowman
Cherry Kramer Bailey Litter of 5 puppies Ozzie Quinn Libby & 6 Puppies
Rocky Pepper Prince Litter of 5 puppies Rosie Rusty 4 puppies
Scarlett Sebastian Spencer Autumn Litter of 6 new puppies Zack Misty
Zoey Charlie Goldie Teddy Bear Winston Wynonna 6 Puppies
Bojangles Betty 12 Puppies Tyler Buddy Bullie 5 Puppies
Dixie Kringle Miller Felice Ginger Kristy Hercules
Spice Emily Jerry Joe Naomi Madison Logan
Mandy Conor Cody Marley Nella Riley Paisley


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